Sports Secretaries



I’m Charlie Finch and I’m one of your Sports Secretaries for this upcoming year!

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I take charge of our six football teams and we have over 80 paid members.

Our Football Teams are accessible for everybody, but also some of the most successful at the University with two of our teams finishing last season as Champions in their respective leagues.

We create and design our own kit as a society which is open to Sponsorship opportunities for Bars and Corporate businesses, to help fund our team’s existence.

This year I’m hoping to kickstart some fantastic initiatives to help our Charities Officer, Steph. These include a Charity Football day, a 10k and a half-marathon for Charity!


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I’m Olivia Ellson and I’m trying to advance the GeogSoc Intramural teams in their leagues this year.

I take charge of the netball team and will be using my Level 1 coaching qualification and playing experience to work with the team.

I am also looking at changing the kit from conventional netball dresses to T-Shirts. This is because we have some interest from boys to play, and I’d like to have everyone looking the same; for a lower price than at present.

As well as this, I’m looking to liaise with our Social Secretaries to arrange sports socials to allow bonding for the teams.