Social Secretaries


We’re Henry, Max and Hana and we’re your Social Secs for the year!

As Social Secretaries, we help create and run all the social events for the year, alongside other members such as sports secretary and publicity secretary.

Our job entails purchasing clothing for socials, deciding when, where and the theme of the socials as well as working alongside our sponsors to ensure the smooth running of the nights out.

As one of the largest committees at the university, we have an extensive number of students who come out to our socials who we hope to bring to our prospective sponsors for a great time.

This year we aim to increase the number of people out on our socials through the inclusion of fancy dress themes and online ticketing and also to create good and trusting relationships with our sponsors.

The Geography Society is inclusive, fun and well-organized and it will be a joy to be part of a committee aiming to give everyone the best year possible!


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