About Us

What can we offer…


GeogSoc hosts a number of very varied socials throughout the year. This year we are hoping to host more than ever, including a huge cross departmental bar crawl down West Street with all the other departmental societies! As well as lots of new and exciting events, we will also be hosting some of our all-time favourites such as the Colouring in Social to start off the academic year and the Geography End of Year Ball.


This year, the Geography Society is hoping to do some really exciting work on tour! Our Tour Secretaries Shaun and Molly will ensure this year’s tour is the best yet. GeogSoc tour entails a weekend trip away to somewhere in Europe, with trips in the past including Dublin, Prague and Lisbon.

Additionally this year, we will be doing a ‘Mini Tour’ – where a coach will take you to a secret UK City. This is the first time we’ve done this and we think it’s going to be really exciting!


With such a big society, GeogSoc is capable of raising a lot of money for charity, and last year we raised a record of £1520. During this coming year, we want to double this figure and aim to raise £3000 pounds for our chosen charities by holding a number of fundraising events, such as the TenTenTen Sheffield 10k run in October, our annual charity Christmas Auction and some really exciting ideas which will be revealed later in the year!


We have a range of volunteering projects based in the local Sheffield community, including tutoring schemes in Longley Park Sixth Form Centre and Firth Park Academy. These projects are designed to help you give something back to your adopted community – the schools and students highly regard our contributions from the mentoring scheme…and its great experience to put on your CV!

Our Volunteering Secretary Ella Wild will send out emails to all members, offering them the chance to be part of our volunteering scheme, so you can make a real difference!


The Society won the Societies Cup in 2014 which is a testament to how great our teams are. We have the largest number of sports teams in the intramural leagues; including successful Football and Netball teams. This year, we are hoping to build on the already expansive program and hold a sports day for the society in the spring. Our sports teams are accessible to everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner and we are also hoping to introduce some new sports this year, for our members!

Academics and Careers

As well as having loads of fun, the Geography society is also here to help you gain and improve your academic skills. We have numerous academic sessions throughout the year such as an academic Q&A in fresher’s week, revision tip sessions in the run-up to exams, dissertation advice and alumni events to help you on your career path. We also have guest lecturers come in to talk on very interesting topics such as migration, sustainable development and much more.


We’re proud to be sponsored by SOYO, Molly Mallone’s and CODE, three venues that are a testament to Sheffield’s excellent nightlife scene, that are proud to support GeogSoc.

Expect many exciting trips to these three venues during this year, kicking off with our yearly Colouring in Social!