GeogSoc travel to Uganda!🇺🇬

Over the past nine days, some of our Committee Members have been in Uganda as part of their Fieldwork in the Geographies of the Global South Module.

Before travelling over to work with a local community in the Walukuba-Masese division in Jinja, Uganda, the students taking the module all agreed to help take a donation of 50 T-Shirts over to Uganda from GeogSoc.

These shirts were given to a local charity named Peach who are working within the local area, and are looking to give resources out to the local community, whilst particularly focusing on providing livelihoods and resources to young people.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 17.25.24.png

Module Convenor and Lecturer, Dan Hammett, also wanted to donate loads of Baby Clothes for the local Charity Peach, and all the students were more than happy to split the load, to ensure that the local community were given the clothes which will hopefully help them!

During the classes time in Uganda, everybody got really involved in the local community and had an excellent time doing research and working with a fantastic charity in Peach. Sports Sec Charlie Finch (pictured below with the ball) and Third Year William Pollard helped to organise a football Match between the local Ugandan’s and GeogSoc, which was super fun for everybody involved and helped to strengthen a bond between students and the residents of Walukuba-Masese.

Without the help of everybody in the class, it wouldn’t have been possible to make a donation to the Local Community, who we are wanting to work with and help during future years, so a big thank you goes out to everybody who helped out.

Thank you to:

  • Dan Hammett
  • Matt Watson
  • Charlie Finch
  • Shaun Perryment
  • Flora Allen
  • Anna Greenham
  • Martha Griffin
  • Ruth Owen
  • Laura Elkin
  • Lucy Roberts
  • Lydia Cox
  • Els Parton
  • Abbi Moise
  • William Pollard
  • Benji Whalan
  • James Wooton
  • Cameron McFadyen

and as always, Geog Love x




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