GeogSoc goes Global!

We’re delighted to announce that GeogSoc will be offering all international students a 50% discount on their memberships for this forthcoming academic year.

We believe that we’re one of the most forward-thinking, progressive societies that the University has to offer, and we wanted to continue our dedication to making GeogSoc a more accessible and exciting place, by encouraging everybody to get involved within the society regardless of their background.

We are fully aware that the University is a space in which people from a range of different countries, backgrounds, and heritages both work and live. Given the fact the future of the United Kingdom is uncertain at present given the result of the EU Referendum, we wanted to show a dedication to the fact that #WeAreInternational and that we celebrate social and cultural diversity in our society.

We would absolutely love international students to join our society during this forthcoming academic year, and we are dedicated to welcoming as many new members as possible.

Our Inclusions Officer Flora Allan said:

“International Students are an integral part of the University. GeogSoc is friendly and welcoming to all and we would love to see some new faces in our Society this year.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 19.27.26.png
Inclusions Officer 2018/19: Flora Allan

Whether you’re from Sydney or Sheffield, we would love for you to sign up for Membership this year – and with our brand new Membership Cards, you’ll look the part during this forthcoming year.

The Membership Cards will be distributed to all paid members during the first few weeks of University, so if you’re a member, don’t worry!

If you haven’t got membership yet, please follow the link on our website that will direct you to our online sign-up, and if you are an international student who wants to get in touch about a discount; please email us at geogsoc@sheffield.ac.uk!


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